Our Services

We aim to provide a complete solution for your product needs from Thailand.  Our services include:


We can help you find the products you need to grow your business in your own markets. Having established relationships with several leading local manufacturers, we may already have the products you seek. However, if there are any other products which are currently unavailable in our portfolio, we can help you to source those products that you require and negotiate the best prices on your behalf.


We can provide a variety of logistical support to help you with your purchase and delivery needs. Through our network of freight forwarders, we can provide the following benefits and services for you:

a) Direct-Factory Purchases:

We can help you leverage your purchasing power to attain the lowest possible prices by negotiating directly with manufacturers and coordinating with our logistical partners for timely delivery.

b) Less-Than-Container Loads (LCL):

We understand that you may not be ready to order a full container-load for an especially new product. Therefore, we will help support you in test marketing your new products with lower quantities so that you can understand the potential of your new product in your local market before you decide whether or not to commit to larger orders.

 c) Brand Consolidation:

If you wish to purchase items across different brands and categories, we can help you to consolidate your orders into a single shipment to effectively reduce your shipping costs.

d) Documentation:

We will help support your sales by providing the necessary export documentations to facilitate the delivery of our products to your country. These include standard export documents such as:

– Proforma invoice
– Commercial invoice
– Certificate of Free Sale
– Certificate of Origin (if necessary)
– Health & Sanitary Certificates
– Bill of Lading
– Packing List

Marketing Plan Support

We are not interested in solely making short-term sales, but rather we focus on a long-term commitment to growing brands in your market and creating sustainable business growth. We have marketing expertise and industry experience in large, multi-national corporations and smaller, local businesses launching both new brands and growing established brands. We will leverage this experience to bring market insight and customised solutions to help ensure the success of your brand in your local market.